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GoodFinds Gun Shop Disclaimer


     The information on this website or available in products from this site is not a substitute for the law. You are fully accountable under the exact wording and current interpretations of all applicable laws and regulations when you deal with firearms under any circumstances.
     Many people find laws hard to understand, and gathering all the relevant ones is a lot of work. This web site and products available from this site help you with these chores. Collected here in one place is information concerning many aspects of gun laws. The information published or distributed by the state of South Carolina generally contains more detailed information than you will find here.
     Some laws and other regulations may be expressed in regular conversational terms for your convenience. While great care has been taken to accomplish this with a high degree of accuracy, no guarantee of accuracy is expressed or implied, and the explanatory sections of this site or products available from this site are not to be considered as legal advice or a restatement of law. They are merely tools for directing you to further study. In describing the general meanings of the laws, using plain English, differences inevitably arise, so you must always check the actual laws. The authors and publishers expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever arising out of reliance on information contained at this site or in products available from this site. New laws and regulations may be enacted at any time by the authorities. The authors and publishers make no representation that this site or products available from this site include all requirements and prohibitions which may exist -- in fact, WE GUARANTEE THAT IT DOES NOT. This site and products available from this site concerns the gun laws as they apply to law-abiding private residents in the United States, or in individual states, as the case may be. It is not intended to and does not describe most situations relating to: licensed gun dealers, museums or educational institutions, local or federal military personnel, American Indians, foreign nationals, the police or other peace officers, any person summoned by a peace officer to help in the performance of official duties, persons with special licenses (including collectors), non-residents, persons with special authorizations or permits, bequests or intestate succession, criminal activity, persons under indictment, felons, prisoners, escapees, dangerous or repetitive offenders, criminal street gang members, delinquent, incorrigible or unsupervised juveniles, government employees, or any other people restricted or prohibited from firearm possession, and this is only a partial list.
     While this site or products available from this site may discuss possible criminal consequences of improper gun use, it avoids most issues related to deliberate gun crimes. This means that many laws are excluded, or not fully explained. Some examples are: 1st degree murder; 2nd degree murder; homicide; manslaughter; gun theft; gun running; concealment of stolen firearms; enhanced penalties for commission of crimes with firearms, including armed robbery, burglary, theft, kidnapping, drug offenses and assault; sentencing guidelines; smuggling firearms into public aircraft; threatening flight attendants with firearms; possession of contraband; possession of a firearm in a prison by a prisoner; false application for a firearm; shooting at a building as part of a criminal street gang; removal of a body after a shooting; drive by shootings; and this is only a partial list.
Portions of relevant parts of state or federal statutes which relate to guns may be posted on or linked to from this site or may be reproduced in products available from this site. The main relevant parts of federal statutes which relate to guns are reproduced in our book, "Gun Laws of America." While great care has been taken to accomplish this with a high degree of accuracy, no guarantee of accuracy is expressed or implied, and for official legal purposes, only official copies of the laws should be used. Other state or federal laws which may apply in some cases, and official agency regulations, may be discussed but may not be reproduced. Case law decisions, which effect the interpretation of the statutes, are generally NOT included.
     As with all laws, firearms laws are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE. You are strongly urged to consult with a qualified attorney and local authorities to determine the current status and applicability of the law to specific situations which you may encounter. A list of some of the proper authorities appears in some of the products available from this site.
Guns are serious business and require the highest level of responsibility from you. What the law says and what the authorities and courts do aren't always an exact match -- and sometimes there is little resemblance at all! You must remember that each legal case is different and frequently lacks prior court precedents. A decision to prosecute a case and the charges brought may involve a degree of discretion from the authorities involved. Sometimes, there just isn't a plain, clear-cut answer you can rely upon. ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF SAFETY.

     Our prices, like life, are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to correct typos and fix any errors that may occur on this website or in any products we offer. We are, despite the rumors, only human, and you should take this into account.

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